VDU assessments

Graham Smithers carrying out a VDU assessment
VDU assessments are always carried out on-site, to avoid inconveniencing employees.

Why are VDU assessments necessary?

What happens during on-site VDU assessments?

  1. The company provides one reasonably-sized room with:
    • power points;
    • a telephone and a list of employees to be tested with their extension numbers;
    • 2 fixed chairs and 1 chair with wheels;
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      a table.
  2. The optician takes roughly 10 minutes to carry out a VDU assessment for each employee, covering:
    • compatibility for working with VDUs;
    • the eyes’ vision standard for all ranges (long distance, middle distance, and reading);
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      muscle balance;
    • colour vision;
    • binocular balancing;
    • stereopsis;
    • ergonomic issues.
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    1080p small mkv hindi movies next employee arrives
    for their VDU assessment:
    • at an agreed time, or
    • after the previous employee phones them, or
    • after the optician phones them.
  4. The optician sends a full report to the company.

Health and safety regulations

The “Health and Safety at Work Act” (1993) says that any employee working for at least 1 hour per day on a VDU on a regular basis is entitled to an eyesight test paid for by their employer. VDU eye testing should be made available every 2 years.

VDU Spectacles

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Employees who require spectacles specifically for VDU use are entitled to a free, basic set of spectacles from their employer. Typically this would be 5% of employees tested.

Graham Smithers can supply suitable spectacles directly to employees who require spectacles specifically for VDU use, and send an invoice to the employer.

The minimum allowances payable by the company are:

Regulations and information

Prescription safety glasses

Graham Smithers supplies prescription safety glasses for people who normally wear glasses. Graham also supplies a wide variety of styles, including inserts for full face masks and clean room environs.

Bolle safety products

Bolle are Graham Smithers’s main safety product provider because their products have:

Eyesight Tips